Wire Caddy

The TZ Medical Wire Caddy™ is designed to address unique challenges in complex surgical procedures, especially those involving multi-wire and multi-exchange cases. Its unobtrusive positioning allows quick access to lubricated guidewires during surgical procedures in Interventional Radiology, Catheterization Laboratory, Vascular Suite and Operating Room operations. The Wire Caddy™ is particularly useful for single operators, IR Trainees, Fellows and Residents. 
Wire Caddy
Wire Caddy
Part #WIRE-CADDY (Wire Caddy, Box of 5, Single Use)

Wire Caddy Features

• Keeps wires organized

• Keeps wires wet

• Fewer dropped wires of all types

• Much more rapid retrieval and removal

• Immediate wire availability when seconds matter

• Essentially eliminates contaminated wires

• No damage to delicate wires from winding

• No fear of wires springing out of a bowl