Portland, OR- TZ Medical, Inc. a privately held medical device company, today announced that the FDA has cleared its Adjustable Radial Cuff (ARC) Hemostasis Device for marketing in the US. The patented Adjustable Radial Cuff (ARC) is a premium radial hemostasis controlled compression device designed to accurately apply focused pressure to the radial artery access site. The ARC's structured cuff design and targeted inflation system provides consistent and focused hemostasis, maintains patency of the radial artery (patent hemostasis), while protecting the ulnar artery integrity.
John Lubisich, President of TZ Medical, stated "TZ Medical is excited that the FDA has cleared the Adjustable Radial Cuff for marketing in the US. TZ Medical has listened to our customers and designed a product that will overcome common problems and frustrations that the current competitive products create. We truly believe the ARC is the next generation radial hemostasis device."

Additional Information
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About TZ Medical, Inc.
TZ Medical has built a solid reputation in the healthcare industry by listening to, and understanding the needs of medical professionals. This practice of "active listening" is what has enabled us to develop optimal solutions: delivering high quality products that improve the bottom line.