New Products

New Products


Part# RCM-0005-10 (Box 10) RCM-0005-30 (Box 30) RCM-0005-50 (Box 50)

The TZ Medical Shoot 'N See is a flexible medical grade tape for use during any vascular procedure involving radiography or fluoroscopy. Applied to the skin or drape before the procedure, the radiopaque markings are visible both to the eye under fluoroscopy, which allows for quick cross-referencing between the inside and outside of a patient's body.


The flexible tape follows patient contours and does not tear under normal use. The Shoot 'N See reduces the need for exposure to contrast media. It also helps with more accurate lesion locating, and more precise stent and catheter sizing.


Arrow indicators to indicate precise location of lesion(s) prior to intervention to properly treat the exact area of interest.


Product Features


• Fully visible with or without fluoroscopy


• Arrow indicators of precise location or lesions


• Adhesive can be applied to skin or drape.


• Allows for quick cross-referencing between inside and outside of body


• Measures up to 40 cm


• Great for vascular procedures

TZ Medical Flipper

Part# CZ-007

The TZ Medical Flipper is a versatile radiation shield designed to keep physicians safe without getting in the way of the procedure.


The Flipper measures 19" by 16", and may be used on either the right or left side for femoral groin or subclavian access. Convenient adhesive strips on either side of the shield allow it to be secured in place to avoid slipping.


Lead free, and attenuating up to 75% of radiation at 90 kVp, the Flipper is a life saver. It's ideal for Interventional Radiology, Cardiac Cath Labs, Electrophysiology and more!

Lightweight and flexible lead free material.

Product Features


• Attenuates up to 75% of radiation at 90kVp*


• Reduces scatter radiation exposure to  operators and staff


• Can be used for femoral groin access or subclavian access


• Adhesive on both sides prevent slipping


• Lead equivalence 0.125mm


• Perfect for Interventional Radiology, Cardiac Cath, Electrophysiology & more

* Based on study held at TZ Medical

TZ Medical Radial Runway

Part# RRU-0008, RRU-0009, *also pictured: Flat Radial Runway Item #CZ-400

The Radial Runway provides a radiolucent platform that keeps the patient in normal anatomical position for ideal radial access. Disposable straps allow the wrist to be positioned in multiple neutral or extended angles optimizing patient comfort, and the foam pad may be removed from the base at the conclusion of the case. The disposable brace can then be attached to the foam pad, providing support for the patient's wrist during recovery.

Radial Runway Base Assembly Item #RRU-008 (Shown with disposable straps and top pad)

Radial Runway Top Pad Item #RRU-0009

Can be used on either side for radial access along with the TZ Medical Flat Radial Board. (Shown below.)

Product Features


• Can be used for radial access on either wrist


• Adjustable straps fit any sized patient


• Disposable straps, foam pad, & brace


• Brace can be cleaned and reused


• Keeps patient comfortable during procedure


• Detachable pad with brace remains with patient for recovery


• Latex Free

The Radial Runway (Item# RRU-0008 shown with disposable RRU-0009) In use with a *Flat Radial Board (Item# CZ-400) for a radial access procedure.

Pannus Retention System

Part# CZ-PRS-02

The TZ Medical Pannus Retention System is used to safely and effectively move and retain excess tissue, allowing easy access on the patient, including groin and left side radial access. The Pannus Retention System uses adhesive pads and velcro strips that can be easily removed and adjusted after application. It is designed to maintain patient comfort while allowing easy patient positioning from any angle.

The Pannus Retention System preserves tissue integrity. The latex-free, hypoallergenic, adhesive backing is designed for supporting, retaining, and moving large masses of tissue. When the product is removed, the patient's skin is left intact and residue free.


With traditional tapes and adhesives, it can take up to 10 minutes to properly secure a patient. The Pannus Retention System may be easily applied in only one minute.

Pannus Retention System

Part# CZ-PRS-02

Holds arm in place for left side radial access

Product Features


• Adhesive pads will not tear or damage skin


• Completely adjustable system - can fit any sized patient


• Can be applied in 1 minute


• Easy to reposition after application


• Perfect for groin access, left side radial access, and more!


• Latex Free & hypoallergenic


• No additional products are required


Part# TRU-001

Single-Use Surgical Retractor with Built-in Light Source

The TruBrite is a single-use pocket retractor that contains an LED light source. The device is provided sterile which reduces the risk of cross-contamination in the surgical setting. There are no cords, additional parts, or assembly required, and no need for a headlamp or to adjust overhead lighting. The ultra-bright LED light produces no damaging heat. Each TruBrite light is ready to use in seconds, and will provide peak power for 30+ minutes.

With TruBrite Light Source

Without TruBrite Light Source

Product Features


• Ready to use with built-in ultra-bright LED light source


• Disposable, single-use device


• Light source produces no damaging heat


• Provides peak power for 30+ minutes


• Made from reinforced polyarymide for strength and rigidity


• Individually packaged sterile


• No cords or additional components required


• Perfect for pacemaker / device implants

Ultra-bright hands free LED light source

StarTrol LED Lights

 StarTrol LED Medical Lighting for examination, procedure and minor surgery is high quality, precision made from durable aluminum and steel, carries an industry leading 10 year limited warranty and is manufactured in the USA. All StarTrol LED Medical Lighting operates at an ideal color rendering and temperature of 94 CRI and 4700K for true tissue rendition.

Product Features


• Energy Efficient and Eco-friendly


• Bright, natural white light


• 10-year limited warranty


• 40,000 hours of LED life


• Infinite variable positioning


• Manufactured in the USA

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