Electrophysiolgy Products

Transseptal Needles

Part# CT-BK0-18-71, CT-BK-18-71, CT-BK-18-89

TZ Medical transseptal needles are sterile, single-use needles that are compatible with existing standard transseptal introducers. The needles are equipped with an ergonomic hub for easy manipulation and handling, and burr-free straight-bevel needle tips. An arrow indicator is given for curve orientation of the needle tip after insertion.


TZ Medical Transseptal Needles have an 18 gauge shaft and a 21 gauge tip and come in a variety of curves and lengths:

71cm, Standard Curve

Part# CT-BK0-18-71


71cm, Extended Curve

Part# CT-BK-18-71


89cm, Standard Curve

Part# CT-BK-18-89

EP Catheter


The dual-site 7F mapping/pacing catheter provides the electrophysiologist with multi-functional options for the treatment of atrial and ventricular tachyarrythmias. It allows the physician to position the distal end of the catheter in the coronary sinus (CS) while allowing the proximal electrodes to map the high right atrium (HRA).


Subclavian access eliminates the need for an additional femoral stick. The 14 platinum electrode spacing may facilitate assessment of a line of conduction block.

EP Catheter



EZ Holder

Part# CT-0010

EZ Holder


Part# CT-0010

The TZ Medical EZ Holder is a versatile

device that acts as an anchor point to

firmly hold catheters and lead wires

in place during procedures. This innovative

product will help reduce procedure time

as well as improve the efficiency of

EP cases and implants.

The Booker Box™

The TZ Medical V1-MPC Patient Companion Booker Box™ is a multi-port connector system that can provide catherization, cardio-version, pacing and more. We are always willing to come show you in person what the Booker Box™ is all about. Contact your local representative to set up a free trial today!

TZ Medical V1-MPC Patient Companion Booker Box™

Part# V1-MPC

TruBrite LED Retractor

Part# TRU-001

TruBrite is a disposable pocket retractor that contains an LED light source. The device is single-use, and provided sterile, which reduces the risk of cross-contamination in the surgical setting. There are no cords, additional parts, or assembly required, and no need for a headlamp or to adjust overhead lighting. The ultra-bright LED light produces no damaging heat. Each TruBrite light is ready to use in seconds, and will provide peak power for 30+ minutes.

Product Features


● Ready to use with built-in ultra-bright LED light source

● Disposable, single-use device

● Light source produces no damaging heat

● Provides peak power for 30+ minutes

● Made from reinforced polyarymide for strength and rigidity

● Individually packaged sterile

● No cords or additional components required

● Perfect for pacemaker/ device implants

TruBrite LED Retractor


Part# TRU-001

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Product Features


• Helps prevent catheter movement during cardioversion, eliminating  the need to re-position catheters after therapy is delivered.


• Holds the catheter in place for HIS Bundle or any evoked potentials.


• Frees up Physician’s hands during ablation procedures.


• Will help reduce chances of lead dislodgement during implant procedures.


•Will hold any standard catheter or implant lead that is 4-12 French.