Workplace Safety Products

Anti-Fatigue Mats

TZ Medical Anti-Fatigue Mats


• Unmatched ergonomic comfort reduces discomfort & fatigue caused by standing


• 3/4” energy-return foam absorbs stress


• One-piece integral polyurethane skin


• Fluid & dirt resistant with anti-microbial properties


• Positively impacts employee productivity, safety & retention


• Matte textured surface provides optimum friction


• Low-profile, durable edges prevent tripping


Available in five sizes! Reduce injuries while improving productivity and safety!


Slide Tube

Multi-Use Slide Tube TZ-MU-58X40

Single Use Slide Tube TZ-ST-58X40

The TZ Medical Slide Tube is a textile-based device used to transfer and reposition patients with multi-use and disposable options. The proprietary fabric, minimizes friction, which reduces risk and improves patient care and caregiver safety. The Slide Tube increases efficiency, while reducing costs associated with lateral patient transfer.


Product Features


  • Can move up to 1200 lbs


  • Meets no-lift policy and SPH protocols


  • Easy to maintain and store


  • Remarkably soft & durable silicone coated nylon


  • Simple to use and patient friendly


  • Multi and single use options


  • Machine washable, easy to maintain and store


  • Quieter compared to high density polyethylene


  • Coefficient of friction less than ice on ice

Custom manufacturing options available for color, size, packaging, and label at no additional cost!


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