TZ Medical is focused on innovation and the development of crucial products for the Cardiac, EP, and critical-care departments. Over the years TZ Medical has built a solid reputation on listening to and understanding the needs of medical professionals. Our practice of "active listening" and responding has resulted in the development of optimal solutions and helped us deliver quality products that improve the purchaser’s bottom-line.

Over the years our product lines have continued to expand. Today we are proud to have six different lines of medical products on the market.

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TZ Medical's line of hemostasis products offers a variety of configurations to accommodate multiple patient and procedure types. Our high quality, cost-effective hemostasis products either contain, or can be used in conjunction with, Neptune®, a calcium alginate pad that greatly speeds up clotting time. Our hemostasis products provide our customers and their patients with time-tested efficiency and unparalleled safety.


The Comfort Zone line of products is designed to offer patient comfort as well as maximizing accessibility and minimizing radiation exposure for the physicians. These products are the result of TZ Medical teaming up with Lead Cardiovascular Interventional Tech, Rob Souza.


TZ Medical's new line of workplace safety products will help enhance the safety and comfort for physicians and staff in the lab.


TZ Medical's line of titanium distraction screws for anterior cervical fusions offers three key advantages over the competition: they are triple-fluted to be sharper, made of 100% titanium to be stronger, and color-anodized by size to be easier to identify. TZ Medical's distraction pins are compatible with all existing distraction systems and designed to give you complete surgical confidence.


Working hand in hand with our cardiology specific products, TZ Medical has developed a variety of EP products that cover the spectrum of clinical EP applications.


TZ Medical has introduced new technology to its line of programmable pacemaker monitors that allows you to provide better, more reliable patient care at a lower cost.

To be sure you capture a recording of infrequent and elusive arrhythmias, your patient can be supplied with a reliable, easy-to-operate recorder.


Our multi-function electrodes are designed for EP and cath labs, cardiac surgery, critical-care areas and other related departments. They treat patients for defibrillation, synchronized cardioversion, external pacing and ECG monitoring.


Compatible with biphasic and monophasic defibrillators, our electrodes offer direct connections to a variety of defibrillators. TZ also has the ability to standardize facilities that use multiple defibrillator brands.


TZ Medical is pleased to announce a new line of products that offer protection against radiation. Staff who are routinely performing imaging procedures are at an increased risk for radiation exposure and aren’t always as protected as they could be, which can lead to serious health problems. Our Radiation Protection line offers a variety of products that protect lab staff from harmful scatter radiation including aprons, thyroid collars, gloves, and leaded eyewear.



The CZ-PRS-04 is a new product specially designed to assist in Labor and Delivery departments.


The StarTrol LED light source ensures that very little heat is produced, providing comfort at the examination site. Another benefit of the StarTrol lighting source is that it emits nearly none of the ultraviolet or infrared light associated with many traditional halogen lighting systems. The virtual elimination of radiation minimizes the risk of exposed wound tissue being dried or burnt. StarTrols' technologically superior lighting makes a safe work environment for both, examiner and patient.

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