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Aera CT™

Aera CT™

The Aera CT™ combines the internet, wireless communication, and leading-edge heart monitoring technology to provide constant detection, recording, and transmission of cardiac rhythm dysfunctions while the patient is fully mobile.

Physician-Selected Autotrigger Thresholds

With the Aera CT™, cardiac-rhythm related problems are targeted and parameters are predetermined by the physician to provide rapid, accurate data to the prescribing physician.

Patient Interaction Not Required

As many arrhythmic events are symptom-free, the Aera CT™ provides for the detection and transmission of these events without the need for patient awareness. However, the patient can also manually transmit a report via the wearable, lightweight, portable monitor.

Urgent and Daily Telemetry Reports as Directed by Physician

Reports of Afib burden, heart rate, strip samples of arrhythmias are provided daily and as needed by the physician. The center can secure emergency services when critical events are detected and the physician is notified immediately under such conditions. Dialogue with the patient can also occur over the device thanks to the built-in speaker function.

Aera CT Specifications

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