Product Videos

Clarus 40 Videos

TZ Medical Clarus 40 Holter Monitor Overview

Clarus 40 Instructional Video

Slide Tube Video

Slide Tube Instructional Video

Pannus Retention System Videos

Pannus Retention System Application Video

PRS Breast Application Video

PRS 04 Application

Neptune Video

Neptune Topical Hemostasis Pad

EZ Holder Video

EZ Holder Description

EZ Holder used during Cardioversion

Radial Runway Videos

Radial Runway and Radial Board

Radial Runway Left Arm Application Video

Flipper Video

Flipper Radiation Pad

Comfort Halo Video

TZ Medical Comfort Halo

Patient Immobilizer Video

TZ Medical Patient Immobilizer

RadStop Station Video

TZ Medical RadStop Station

Shoot 'N See Video

TZ Medical Shoot 'N See

Comfort Cradle Video

TZ Medical Comfort Cradle and Shield Video

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