Neurosurgery Products

Titanium Distraction Pins

Part# DP-12-TB, DP-14-TY, DP-16-TG, DP-18-TP

TZ Medical distraction pins are packaged sterile in a box of 10. Made from 100% titanium, which is stronger and more safe than stainless steel, for use in anterior cervical fusion procedures.

We offer our titanium distraction pins in four convenient, color-coded sizes. We also offer an ACDF accessory kit, which can be purchased as a complete set or by individual item.

Titanium Distraction Pins

12mm blue Part# DP-12-TB

14mm yellow Part# DP-14-TY

16mm green Part# DP-16-TG

18mm purple Part# DP-18-TP

Skull Pins

Part# SP-001

TZ Medical Skull Pins are a disposable solution to cranial stabilization. The stainless steel skull pins are inserted into the skull clamp to fixate the patient’s head during surgery. The pins are packaged sterile in a pack of three, and come with a protective cap, making them safe and easy to handle.

Skull Pins

Part# SP-001

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