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Patient Immobilizer

Part# CZ-106, CZ-008, CZ-012

The TZ Medical Patient Immobilizer is a safety device designed by Cardiovascular Interventional Tech, Rob Souza, that allows the patient to be secured during imaging procedures. It may enhance these procedures by restricting patient movement and eliminating motion artifact. Less motion eliminates the need for repeat subtraction runs, cutting back on patient and staff exposure to unnecessary radiation.

In and Out in a Snap


The Patient Immobilizer leg wrap and wrist wraps have quick-snap and rapid adjustment webbing for quickly securing the patient, and are easy to release immediately following the procedure. For additional safety a second Immobilizer may also be used across the patient's chest.

Patient Immobilizer XXL Extender Now Available!


The Patient Immobilizer XXL Extender allows patients of any size to be safely secured during procedures. It’s easy to attach to the Patient Immobilizer, and offers a much greater range of size adjustment.



“The TZ Medical Patient Immobilizer is really easy to apply. Also, in my opinion, patient fall risk is greatly reduced. Repositioning the straps during a procedure is a snap. Lastly, cleaning the Immobilizer between uses is not a problem.”


  -Ed Fontana R.N. O'CONNOR Hospital cardiac cath lab San Jose, CA

Patient Immobilizer Body Wrap

Part# CZ-106

Wrist Wraps

Part# CZ-008

Patient Immobilizer XXL Extender

Part# CZ-012

Comfort Cradle

Part# CZ-100

The clear plastic design offers the ability to position the Flat Detector (or II) in direct contact with the patient in all views, reducing secondary and scatter radiation exposure for the staff.

The Comfort Cradle is an arm board designed by Cardiovascular Interventional Tech, Rob Souza to be larger, more comfortable, and more durable than standard arm boards used in the Cath Lab, Interventional Radiology and the OR departments.


These "cradles" can easily support and protect the patient's arms on either side of the bed, making long procedures more comfortable. The dimensions also allow the physician's hands to be unobstructed during PPM implants.

Comfort Cradle Arm Board

Part# CZ-001


Comfort Cradle Kit with Comfort Cloud

Part# CZ-100



"I get better image quality in extreme angles; I can pan the FD right on top of the patient using this product, thus producing less radiation for the staff and myself. The RN's love it, flipping it over and starting IV's, and it doesn't fall off the table in the middle of a case when the patient starts to move around. It's simply wonderful.”

-Dr. Mehrdad Rezaee Md, PHD Medical Director Cardiac Cath Lab O'Connor Hospital, San Jose, CA



"I love that I can flip it over in the middle of a procedure and have a large working surface to start an IV. It’s also wide enough for larger patients to be comfortable."

-Lisa Kumagai RN



"[The Comfort Cradle] Improves patient comfort for long procedures, minimizes staff exposure to radiation, easy to find when you’re in a hurry."

-Mardy Flores BSRS, ARRT (R) Lead Tech, EP/ CCL/ IR Regional Medical Center, San Jose, CA

Comfort Shield

Part# CZ-105

The Comfort Shield attenuates nearly 98% of secondary and scatter radiation while remaining unobtrusive to the medical staff. It is made of durable, easy-to-clean vinyl and can be hung up for easy storage.

The TZ Medical Comfort Shield is a leaded shield accessory that is designed to fit over the Comfort Cradle and the RadStop Station to attenuate radiation. The shield measures 23” x 30”, offering a large area of radiation protection to medical staff during procedures involving fluoroscopy.

Comfort Shield

Part# CZ-105

RadStop Station

The RadStop Station (board and shield) can be used for all diagnostic and interventional imaging and can help speed up these procedures as well as prevent contamination of equipment.

The RadStop is a lightweight poly-carbonate board designed to hold the Comfort Shield to help protect operators and staff from radiation produced during imaging procedures. The shape and construction of the board is designed to be easily moved under the patient into nearly any configuration to extend radiation protection in ways that fixed position devices can’t achieve.

TZ RadStop Station

Part# CZ-010

Comfort Cloud

Part# CZ-002

The TZ Medical Comfort Cloud is a soft foam pad designed specifically for our Comfort Cradle arm boards. The thick texture gives patients the total comfort experience.

Comfort Cloud

Part# CZ-002

Comfort Halo

Part# CZ-009

The TZ Medical Comfort Halo is designed to enhance safety and comfort for patients undergoing conscious sedation.


The board slides underneath the imaging table mattress, enhancing full view of the patient, and keeps the anesthesia drape off of the patient’s face, improving patient satisfaction. The steel and vinyl tubing is flexible and can be molded into unlimited draping positions. The polycarbonate base is compatible with all bed types.

There is also a handy section of the board reserved for recording the “Time Out”, enhancing patient safety/ improving staff compliance with JCAHO requirements.


The Comfort Halo is ideal for all departments where radiographic imaging is used and sterile technique is essential.

The Comfort Halo is ideal for any procedure using conscious sedation, including:


● PPM/ICD/Bi-V ICD implants

● Chemo/Port placements

● CVP and PICC line insertion

● Antegrade femoral angiography

● Rt Heart Caths from Subclavian Approach

Comfort Halo

Part# CZ-009

Radial Runway

Part# RRU-0009

Product Features

  • Can be used for radial access on either wrist


  • Wrists may be positioned at multiple angles


  • Adjustable straps fit any size patient


  • Disposable straps, foam pad & brace


  • Keeps patient comfortable during procedure


  • Pad with brace remains with patient for recovery


  • Latex Free


  • Can be used with the TZ Medical Flat Radial Board

The Radial Runway provides a radiolucent platform that keeps the patient in normal anatomical position for ideal radial access. Disposable straps allow the wrist to be positioned in multiple neutral or extended angles optimizing patient comfort, and the foam pad and straps remain with the patient post-procedure, providing support for the patient’s wrist during recovery.

Can be used on either side for radial access along with the TZ Medical Flat Radial Board. (Shown below.)

The Radial Runway (Item# RRU-0009) in use with a Flat Radial Board (Item# CZ-400) for a radial access procedure.

Radial Runway

Part# RRU-0009

Flat Radial Board

Part# CZ-400, *also pictured: Radial Runway Item #RRU-0008 and #RRU-0009

The TZ Medical Flat Radial Board is a lightweight carbon fiber board specifically shaped to allow convenient radial access in conjunction with medical imaging and patient comfort. By combining radial access and a landing zone for equipment, the Flat Radial Board takes radial access to a whole new level.

The Flat Radial Board can be used with the new Radial Runway, which helps keep the patient’s wrist in position for radial access. Both the Flat Radial Board and the Radial Runway can be used for radial access on either the right or left side.

Flat Radial Board

Part# CZ-400

TZ Medical SR Headband

Part# CZ-013

The SR Headband is disposable, lead free, easily worn, adjustable to any head size, and attenuates 87% of radiation at 80 kV.* It’s a must-have for physicians, techs, and anyone involved in imaging procedures.

When it comes to radiation, protecting your brain is a top priority. The TZ Medical SR Headband is a cost effective way to block scatter radiation from reaching one of the most sensitive areas of the body during diagnostic and interventional procedures.

TZ Medical SR Headband

Part# CZ-013


Part# CZ-007

Lead free, and attenuating up to 75% of radiation at 90 kVp, the Flipper is a life saver. It’s ideal for Interventional Radiology, Cardiac Cath Labs, Electrophysiology and more!


The TZ Medical Flipper is a versatile radiation shield designed to keep physicians safe without getting in the way of the procedure.


The Flipper may be used on either the right or left side, for femoral groin access, or subclavian access. Convenient adhesive strips on either side of the shield allow it to be secured in place to avoid slipping.

TZ Medical Flipper

Part# CZ-007

Pannus Retention System

Part# CZ-PRS-02

The Pannus Retention System preserves tissue integrity. The latex-free, hypoallergenic, adhesive backing is designed for supporting, retaining, and moving large masses of tissue. When the product is removed, the patient’s skin is left intact and residue free.


With traditional tapes and adhesives, it can take up to 10 minutes to properly secure a patient. The Pannus Retention System may be easily applied in only one minute.

The TZ Medical Pannus Retention System is used to safely and effectively move and retain excess tissue, allowing easy access on the patient, including groin and left side radial access. The Pannus Retention System uses adhesive pads and velcro strips that can be easily removed and adjusted after application. It is designed to maintain patient comfort while allowing the easy patient positioning from any angle.

Pannus Retention System

Part# CZ-PRS-02

Shoot 'N See

Part# RCM-0005-10 (Box 10) RCM-0005-30 (Box 30) RCM-0005-50 (Box 50)

The TZ Medical Shoot 'N See is a flexible medical grade tape for use during any vascular procedure involving radiography or fluoroscopy. Applied to the skin or drape before the procedure, the radiopaque markings are visible both to the eye under fluoroscopy, which allows for quick cross-referencing between the inside and outside of a patient's body.


The flexible tape follows patient contours and does not tear under normal use. The Shoot 'N See reduces the need for exposure to contrast media. It also helps with more accurate lesion locating, and more precise stent and catheter sizing.


Arrow indicators to indicate precise location of lesion(s) prior to intervention to properly treat the exact area of interest.

Shoot 'N See


RCM-0005-10 (Box of 10)

RCM-0005-30 (Box of 30)

RCM-0005-50 (Box of 50)


TZ Medical SoftGels

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The TZ Medical SoftGels provide superior cushioning and positioning during surgical procedures, ensuring optimal exposure to the surgical site,correcting airway management, and physiological safety for the patient.

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